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So, you have just witnessed an act of stupidly so magnificently outstanding that you simplymust share it.

Well go right ahead, nothing is more amusing that other people's suffering!


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Reply Dannielle
3:31 PM on September 25, 2014 

LICENSE PLATE: BXL7194, GOLD LEXUS, MALE DRIVER WITH DARK HAIR: Flashing your brights behind me going down Mopac South because you thought I was driving too slow at 60 in a road work zone, where the posted speed (that orange sign on the side of the road?!?!?) read 55, you illiterate prick in your douche bag gold Lexus!!!Then passing me once we left the work zone and I had moved my speed back up to 70, coming so close to my car that you almost hit me because you were in some sort of hurry from 50 feet behind me??? Try paying attention to posted speed limit changes on a road clearly undergoing work, you stupid piece of entitled shit!

Reply Anon
11:21 PM on May 14, 2013 

WA ABK8226 Gold Sienna Mini Van pulls into shared center turn lane to by pass slowing traffic and drives for over a block in this lane to get into left turn only lane before anyone else. I signaled and tried to enter left turn lane at proper entrance point and mini van accelerates to keep me from pulling into left turn lane. I honk and swerve to not get hit by sienna driver. She flips me off, so I lay on the horn and honk some more. When light turns green she blocks me and all drivers behind me so we can't make left turn lane. So I followed her and when I had a chance to tell her what a lousy driver she was and what she did wrong, she responded with, "That is NOT WHAT HAPPENED!" Right! Because there weren't several cars behind me that you didn't keep from being able to make a left being a complete A-HOLE!

Reply assholedrivers
9:31 AM on August 23, 2010 

Ahh lovely morning drive to Ringwood. Two separate cars, two separate intercetions, both reversing in the middle of peak hour traffic! I am so smart ... SMRT.

Reply Anon
8:40 PM on December 3, 2009 

Another awesome webiste pointing out driving deficienies!

Reply ACE
5:22 AM on November 11, 2009 

I didn't get the number plate but it was a silver VW gold with two Indian guys in it... they were driving like total asshole and leaving so much room in front of them you really could have landed a jet!

11 November 09

Burwood Road, Melbourne

Reply Floyd Hastings
12:13 AM on September 28, 2009 

Saturday 26/09/09 Calder Freeway.

UEF-926 Holden Astra Champagne Colour.

Nearly killed us! Mereged right in front of us with about 2cm spare!  Honked constantly and the old bitch did not even look in her rearview mirror!!! Absolute retard!

Reply Floyd Hastings
12:11 AM on September 28, 2009 

Saturday 26/09/09

UMG-108 Jeep Commanded  - random lane changing. Had no idea what the right hand lane was supposed to be used for!  Generally drove like an asshole!

Reply Floyd Hastings
12:07 AM on September 28, 2009 

Saturday 26/9/09

UHA-722 Black Holden Omega with QLD Plates

Eastern Highway entrace off Blackburn Road

Merged onto the Highway going 40kph!  then tried to merge with us!

Reply andyman
10:37 PM on September 15, 2009 

Sept 3rd, 2009


My next door neighbour (asian) is reversing down the driveway and nearly runs me down as I'm walking up the driveway.

Silver Toyota Avalon.

Street name undisclosed to protect the victim ;-)



Reply andyman
10:35 PM on September 15, 2009 
September 12th, 2009

Maroondah Highway, Blackburn

UIH 941

White 4WD ute with raised suspension


this dipshit drives out of an alley way does see my car parked on the side of the road and as he was pulling out of the alleyway his back wheel mounts the right rear quarter of my car.

Reply Kristdel
9:03 PM on September 9, 2009 

22 August 2009


Rego: TSL-470


This guy drove like a total douche bag! Undertook us on Blackburn Roadusing the land that runs out then nearly hit us trying to jam his way backin. 


We actually sat behind him for a little while and continued to observehis ridiculous driving.


True wanker!



Reply Bowdo
4:53 AM on September 9, 2009 

This is an ancient one, but has remained in my memory for a long time.

Black VX Commodore - rego OWT743

This was about 5-6 years ago now - and the infringement is relatively minor.

White male driver (mid 30's?) coasted up next to me while driving on the Hume HWY, levelled off, mouthed F-you and flipped me off. 

Then accelerated out of view.

I have vowed to stomp a mud-hole in his bonnet if I ever see that car again.

If you see it around, key

Reply Bowdo
4:40 AM on September 9, 2009 

Mentioned this to friend, who recalled the recalled the following details from a note on his mobile phone:


McDonalds carpark Fleetwings (Laverton).

Asian male driving blue, late model commodore.

Rego THX 376

Wankerous act - parking within 2ft of car and proceeding to open door repeatedly into duco.  Walks off oblivious.

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